Zero Dandruff Hair Serum


Zero Dandruff Hair Serum is a super strength formula that helps to eliminate stubborn, continuous dandruff problems. It is made with cider vinegar, tea tree, lime juice, cactus and zinc, ingredients that are very helpful in removing even the toughest dandruff, while at the same time soothing irritated, itchy, dry scalp. With regular use hair will look cleaner, healthier and more beautiful.


Use daily, morning and night. Spread in palm, apply and deep massage in hair and scalp until it absorbs. Do not rinse and style your hair as you desire. Good for men and women of all ages. For best results, wash hair daily with our antidandruff shampoo.

Volume Per Case Case Weight Case Size
100 ml 24 Pieces 7.5 lbs 11 x 6 5⁄8 x 6 1⁄2

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