Foot Massage Lotion


A heavy, luxurious, and nourishing massage lotion that is great for deep tissue massage. With regular use it will keep your feet looking their very best by restoring moisture and keeping the driest skin soft, smooth, and fresh feeling. Contains antioxidants and salicylic acid to help kill bacteria and keep feet healthy and smelling good.


Apply lotion generously and massage in twice a day to just washed feet. For best results wear socks at night after applying lotions and creams.

Volume Per Case Case Weight Case Size
Tube 6 oz/150 ml 12 Pieces 6.0 lbs 123⁄8 x 1511⁄16x 81⁄2
Small Jar 11 oz/310 g 12 Pieces 10.5 lbs 113⁄4x 10 x 31⁄4
Big Jar 20 oz/650 g 12 Pieces 17.25 lbs 133⁄4x 125⁄8 x 41⁄8

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