R&D and quality control


Our QA team is comprised of skilled and highly trained individuals in every aspect of the manufactur-ing process. In our labs batches are measured and tested to assure that they meet specifications. All batches are sampled for microbiological contamina-tion to assure that all the active ingredients are present in the levels required. Production lines have their own team of QA people that sample products as they are filled to assure consistent fills, labeling and packaging specifications.

Research and development laboratory

Test samples are created and revised in this area in order formulate products that meet the unique tastes and requirements of our international consumers.

Quality control testing departments

All raw materials and finished products are tested in our fully equipped QC department for quality and consistency prior to use. All ingredients used must pass a stringent regiment of quality control standards to be used.

Analytical test lab


Scientifically verifies ingredients through (IR) infrared spectrometer and (HPLC) high pressure liquid chromatograph

Bacteriological testing facility: Makes sure ingredients, as well as the finished products, are bacterial free

Finished product quality control department: Physically makes sure finished products meet Valley’s and customers’ specifications. Every item is checked before being placed in carton to assure that all specifications have been met.

This final QC includes checking: for a full cosmetic fill, placement of labels, container is free of any irregularities, product has been made according to its specifications.

Our lab facility has been in business producing quality formulas since 1971. It started as a contract packaging and private labeling manufacturer for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and specialty product industries. It was purchased and incorporated into VS Labs in early 2000 and has become an invaluable part of our manufacturing facility since then.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Compliance with GMP is always in progress. The achievement of this task is our pride in what we do. All products are manufactured under our strict scru-tiny and in compliance with the United States FDA and cosmetic industry guidelines. Compliance is a daily task involving ongoing long term studies and recordkeeping to assure that the quality and stability of our products remains high from batching to well into the future.


Extensive fragrance library of over 2000 different fragrances from which to pick, everything from citrus to floral, as well as essential oils Formulas made with the best available raw materials in the business Unique packaging and competitive pricing


  • (2)1000 gallon, (2) 850 gallon, 750 gallon, and 250 gallon mixing tanks
  • (2)10 hp boilers, 15 hp homomixer, 40 hp inline colloid mill 6 large and 3 small sanitary food grade diaphragm pumps

Reverse osmosis water system

In order to ensure the highest quality and longest shelf life, all products are made with bacteria and mineral free purified water. Our reverse osmotic purified water is circulated at 10 gallons per minute, 24 hours a day, in a closed loop that it is forced to pass though:

Filling, packaging and assembly

Filling and assembly is done according to the specifications set for each product. Both production managers and the in-house mechanical teams have years of experience and professional know-how to assure the proper completion of each production run. VS has a wide variety of packaging options.


Our machines can apply opaque or clear labels on square, oval, or round bottles, jars, and tubes.

Shorewood tube labeling machine, Ketan front/back labeling machine 3 Quadrel tamp-on labeling machines, Label Air wrap round labeler 5 Domino ink-jet batch coding machines


  • Tube filling department has two brand new state-of-the-art Norden tube fillers IME 12, 6, 2 and single station piston filling machines 3M box taping machine
  • 2-Belco heat shrink machines
  • 2 Go-packer 2000 pouch/sachets machines
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