Facial Whitening Scrub

Our Chemist have developed this effective Whitening Scrub that is a 2.in-I skin brightener and buffer. We have blended the formula with mini breads that gently remove dead skin cells, glycolic acid to help peel away old skin layers, ANA to beautify the complexion, and fairness actives, such as kojic acid, to help brighten dull skin. Great for professional facial procedures and suitable for all skin types (men and women).


Wash face using cleanser/wash Rinse. Apply a liberal amount of our Ultra Gentle Facial Scrub to moistened face and throat. Gently massage with your fingers in an upward and outward circular motion, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for several minutes until it dries. Rinse well with lukewarm water. Finish with. Use twice a week. Perfect for men and women.Good for all skin types.
Apply scrub to wet skin, then leave alone for several minutes so the ingredients have time to work. While scrub is still slightly wet, gently massage into skin until it dries. Remove with lukewarm water and pat dry. Finish with one of Hollywood Style whitening toners to remove any residue and minimize pores, followed by one of our vitamin-enriched whitening creams. For best results use twice a week, starting with our Whitening Mud Mask.

Volume Per Case Case Weight Case Size
Tube 6 oz/150 ml 12 Pieces 6.0 lbs 123⁄8 x 1511⁄16 x 81⁄2
Small Jar 10 oz/325 g 12 Pieces 10.5lbs 113⁄4 x 10 x 31⁄4
Big Jar 20 oz/650 g 12 Pieces 17.25 lbs 133⁄4 x 125⁄8 x 41⁄8

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